Dominus Anulorum


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Dominus Anulorum: LOTR in Latin!

Any Latin experts out there? Ringer Mike is embarking on an unofficial project to translate The Lord of the Rings into Latin! It goes without saying that this is quite a project, and Mike could use your help with feedback and suggestions. Read more about the project in our forum and encourage Mike as he embarks on his own Frodo like journey! [Read More]

I am sending this out to all LOTR fans and anyone who is fluent in Latin. Seems there is a dedicated LOTR fan who is going take on the unofficial challenge of translating the celebrated trilogy into Latin.

As many know, J.R.R. Tolkien was a devout Catholic and the LOTR is filled with Catholic themes and ideals so it would be fitting if a priest of the Church were able to aid in this translation project.

This could be a faith enriching endeavor.


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