‘Evidence of Afterlife’ Author Long on Religion, Science – TIME


ERproductions Ltd / Blend Images / Corbis

You say this research has affected you a lot on a personal level. How?
I’m a physician who fights cancer. In spite of our best efforts, not everybody is going to be cured. My absolute understanding that there is an afterlife for all of us — and a wonderful afterlife — helps me face cancer, this terribly frightening and threatening disease, with more courage than I’ve ever faced it with before. I can be a better physician for my patients.

Is there any aspect of human experience that you don’t think science can touch?
Oh, absolutely. What happens after permanent death — after we’re no longer able to interview people — is an absolute. To that extent, the work I do may always require some element of faith. But by the time you look at [the] evidence, the amount of faith you need to have [to believe in] life after death is substantially reduced.

H/T tot he NewAdvent.org for this one.

This story is a Q&A with an oncologist who recently published a book concerning the scientific reality of an afterlife. His book catalogues the near-death experience of nearly 1,600 people.

I pulled out a couple of nuggets that I found most intriguing. The entire Q&A article is an excellent read. Kind of had me nodding, “yup.”


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