Polar Bears Survived Previous Warming : Discovery News



  • An early polar bear fossil confirms that they diverged from brown bears 150,000 years ago.
  • Polar bears were around for a previous, warmer, interglacial period.
  • Though they survived that period, polar bears today face bigger threats than ever before.
  • Back in the day I used to be a pretty hardcore believer in human-caused global warming. Today my opinion has changed somewhat, especially since that UN climate change screw-up. That does not mean that I no longer believe that man contributed or continues to contribute to global warming.

    But looking at the bigger picture and examining the world through the eyes of my faith, there is nothing that we can do to hasten or lengthen the coming of the final age. As stewards of the earth we have an obligation to consider the environmental impact of our actions not so much because we are going to cause the earth to explode or harm animals but, as reckless stewards, we cause harm to other humans.


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