Memo to the Haters: the Catholic Church is Covered Under a DivineGuarantee

Going through my daily review of blog posts, op-ed pieces and news articles I found another interesting headline: CATHOLICISM IN PERIL. It was posted by Heather Horn of the Atlantic Wire, “a website associated with The Atlantic that aggregates opinion from across the media spectrum and summarizes significant positions in each debate (Wikipedia).”
What fascinates me is the fact that people honestly think that the Church is going to crumble; that this current sex abuse scandal is going to somehow cause the Church to change doctrines, dogmas and disciplines.

However haters, I can assure you that the Catholic Church (the True Church of Christ) is not going anywehere. She has a Divine Guarantee. Here is an official statement from our Founder: “…the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Mt 16:18).” Oh and when Jesus says hell (sometimes translated as death or Hades) He means the powers of darkness, Satan, evil, etc. These attacks can come from within the Church as well as without.

To help you ponder Our Blessed Lord’s gurarantee, let me offer you some topics to start with:

  1. History;
  2. Roots;
  3. Long-term persecution as mentioned in Mt 10:23, Jn 15:20 and 2 Tim 3:12 (Les Martyrs by Fr. Dom H. Leclercq details these incidents before the 19th century).

Anyway, let us continue to the examination of the article:


As Germany–the pope’s own homeland–continues to be rocked by allegations of priestly abuse, many are wondering how high the scandal will go–after all, Pope Benedict XVI himself, as archbishop of Munich, approved an abuser’s therapy treatment without reporting it to authorities, though he claims not to have known about the abuse.  Meanwhile, the pope’s attempt to put out a similar fire in Ireland with a letter this past weekend is stirring mixed reactions.

All this has convinced some commentators that this controversy is different from the American abuse scandal. In fact, some have begun to ask whether the Vatican–and even Catholicism itself–will pass through unscathed [Unscathed no. Christ bore our wounds for all time. Even after his resurrection his wounds remained visible for those who, like St. Thomas, needed extra proof (Jn 20:27).]. If so, will it still resemble the Catholic Church of old?

  • Of Course It Will  In the National Review, George Weigel argues that those looking “to cripple the Catholic Church” have had that long-wielded “card of ‘cover-up'” taken away from them by the pope’s recent strongly-worded letter regarding the Irish abuse cases. He thinks it did the trick. But he’s not entirely free from worry: “Those who care for the Church, on the other hand, must now hope and pray that the follow-up from the Vatican is as vigorous and unsparing as the Pope‘s letter.”
  • Will the Pope Lose Ireland?  The editors of The Independent disagree somewhat with Weigel, noting that the pope didn’t apologize for the coverup. “But even at the level of apology the Pope has chosen, this pastoral letter may turn out to be the first of many he will have to write,” given the way abuse cases seem to be multiplying across different countries. “As the sex abuse scandal continues to unfold and tolerance is stretched to breaking, it is surely not fanciful to ask whether Ireland will still define itself as a Roman Catholic country within a generation.” [My thoughts on this are stated masterfully in 1 Jn 2:19 and followed up with Peter’s statement in Jn 6:69.]
  • ‘The Current Vatican’s Death Throes’  The Atlantic’s own Andrew Sullivan has been all over this one. He, too, finds spread of the scandal to Ireland–“Yes: Ireland“–noteworthy. He points out, as well, that if the German case follows the usual pattern, “the number of victims will grow,” and despite the Church blaming the stories on “anti-Catholic media … at some point, the whole grisly truth will come out.” [Pray tell, what is that truth?] The difference, he thinks, is that this time the current Pope is directly and personally implicated through his actions while a German bishop. And, frankly, Sullivan–a Catholic himself–is just fine with that [Often times the use of the “Catholic” qualifier is used to precede the statement of a dissenter as is the Andrew Sullivan.]:

Please: raping children is not a hard call for a Christian. Today or at any time in history. Covering it up is evil. If defending the perpetrators, rather than saving the victims, is not immoral, what is

So when will this Pope resign? And what happens to the church hierarchy’s moral authority if he doesn’t? [The Church’s moral authority comes from God Himself (see Mt 16:18).]

  • It All Depends on the Coverup  National Catholic Reporter’s [The most faithful of Catholic news groups…] John Allen Jr. notes that “relatively few people know or care how far the Vatican, or the pope, have come over the past eight years”; while Benedict has revolutionized the Church’s response to priestly abuse, he has not similarly revolutionized the Church’s response to concealment of priestly abuse [Or do you mean that the pope has not taken the measures you agree with. I suggest reading Why Doesn’t the Pope Do Something about “Bad” Bishops? for a little insight. Oh and there’s what I posted on Monday.]. To many, that’s “a job half done,” and “that … is what makes the revelations in Germany [about Benedict’s own actions with regard to abusers] so potentially damaging.” To wit:

if other cases of abusers who were reassigned emerge, even fair-minded people with no axe to grind may be tempted to ask: Can Benedict XVI credibly ride herd on bishops for failing to manage the crisis, if his own record as a diocesan leader isn’t any better?
Much about the church’s capacity to craft an “exit strategy” from the crisis–and, perhaps, much about Benedict’s own legacy–may hinge on his ability to offer a convincing answer. [From what I know about B16, he’s not worried about his “legacy.”]

  • The Fall of Catholicism in Europe?  “The Church has survived many, many dreadful things,” admits Newser’s Michael Wolff. “But not like this.” [Really? The Church has been around for a couple of thousands years. Surely there were other scandals with potentially detrimental long-term implications such as those of Honorius I, John XXII and Benedict IX.] With Pope Benedict himself implicated, and his competence in crisis management in question [CEO is not in the pope’s job description.], Wolff thinks history may begin to erode Catholicism’s remaining support structure [see 1 Jn 2:19]. His point is that crisis in Europe is radically different from crisis in America:

[I am going to add the following quote from Mr. Wolff’s article: “What is under attack is the infallibility of the pope…” Mr. Wolff does not seem to understand that Papal Infallibility is not in question here. This dogma is a grace from God (the Holy Spirit) that ensures that His Kingdom and Church is the perpetual, authoritative, infallible source of truth. Papal Infallibility only deal with issues of faith and morals such as dogmatic proclamations and must be invoked. It does not mean that the popes cannot err or sin in daily activities and duties.]
The historical argument with Catholicism, an argument that has been going on for so many centuries, which the wily Church has defeated or circumvented or stonewalled or built mighty barricades against, is back on the table again.

This time, the Church could very well lose it. [Let me quote what Ercole Cardinal Consalvi said to Napoleon in response to the emperor’s threat to destroy the Church, “He will never succeed. We have not managed to do it ourselves! (see A Crisis of Saints)”]

The Old and New Testaments are filled with the stories of persecutions and scandals of the God’s faithful. The Church would be no exception due her Divine origin. Furthermore, the fact that the Church was intended to be a visible institution for those seeking the Truth of Christ would place it square in the sites of spiritual and earthly enemies. Bishop Sheen, in his book Life of Christ (p. 494),  described the condemnations of Jesus before the religious and secular courts as being caused by hatred of Him for being too Divine and too human, respectively. The Church being the the Mystical Body of Christ suffers no less a fate. Yet she cannot be destroyed because God does not renege on His promises.

So you see, it really doesn’t matter that the Pope is a sinner and/or how grave his sins are because ultimately, Jesus is the Head of the Church and will not fail her even if a pope does.
Allow me to end this post as my parish priests end our Mass:


Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


25 thoughts on “Memo to the Haters: the Catholic Church is Covered Under a DivineGuarantee

  1. Because Jesus established His church on the Apostles and prophets. And the Catholic Church can trace her bishops all the way to the 12 and Jesus himself. Also, for over 2000 years the Church has stood as a lighthouse and will stand until the consumation of the world.

  2. The CC is a light house. I really hate to keep bringing this up, but, why did this lighthouse boil people in oil and burn them alive for not joining this lighthouse? Not to mention stretching them on a rack till they tore apart.And other tortures the bishops could thing of that i wont mention cause kids might read this. Was god smiling down from heaven when the killed peoples kids were turnrd

  3. Church leadership, while not faultless with regard to the Inquisition, did not burn or kill anyone – the governments who overstepped their bounds did. Do not confuse the sinners in charge w/ the Church-the bride of Christ and His mystical Body.

  4. Dont confuse the church with the sinners in charge? I dont.My point is that mabe you should take another look at your religion. Maybe salvation should be found by going straight to Jesus and asking him to make you part of his body. Skip the middle men.

  5. There is no middle-man. Jesus, Who is God, established His religion and founded the Catholic Church. Why should I follow the traditions of men whose only desire to continue the very sin that cost Jesus His life, namely disobedience? The so-called reformers did nothing but act in their own interests, wishing to make God conform to their beliefs rather than following God because He is Our Creator

  6. Ive noticed that the people who are the most catholic do the right thing by their church, they deny the CC killed anyone during the inquisition. The rest of the catholics just say that not as many were killed, the number was small. You said it was govt people who overstepped their bounds? Why didnt the pope or bishops jump in and say hey, dont burn them to death! The pope had 1000yrs to stop

  7. Hey now, youre not being a good catholic when you say there is no middle man. Mary is the intercessor. She dispenses ALL grace. She is the co-redeemer. You forgot to mention that my good friend. Pray to Mary to ask jesus for what you need. Am i not right?

  8. Mary dispenses no grace. All grace comes from God. “Not even death can separate us from Christ” (Rom 8:35-39). This is the communion of saints. Our family in Heaven who prays for us on earth. The Church Triumphant helping the Church Militant (and both helping the Church Suffering). <br><br>God is known for using His creatures to aid one another.

  9. First, let us be clear that both Catholic and Protestant church leaders had their hands stained in varous inquisition events. <br><br>Secondly, the term is one used to describe the process for investigating and trying heretics. <br><br>Thirdly, the poor manner in which this was carried out shows that weeds are planted within the wheat. This does not invalidate the Church of Christ. <br><br>

  10. Im just pulling your chain. CC says mary dispenses all grace. I guess you are smart enough to know mary is dead and buried. She knows nothing. Like any of the dead.

  11. Membership in the Militia means complete dedication to the Kingdom of God and to the salvation of souls through Mary Immaculate.” -Pope John Paul II<br>JOHN PAUL II ENCOURAGES FAITHFUL TO GO TO CHRIST THROUGH MARY<br>Message to Pilgrims from Naples<br>”During our earthly pilgrimage, Mary is the biblical 'pillar of<br>fire' that illuminates us, the 'star that guides us'

  12. Someone in here please help me with this guy. Tell him Mary is the mediatrix of all grace. Arent there any catholics in this catholic site?

  13. Looks like what I said. Mary does not dispense Grace, God does. He chooses to do so through her only because of her unique role in Salvation History, which is direct correlation to her Son Jesus Christ who is both True Man and True God. It is all because of Him. This is how Mary is rightfully known as co-redemptrix and mediatrix. God still remains the sole source of Grace.

  14. So , the Vatican wanted the killing stopped. Then why did it go on from 1200 to 1850? Catholic people are regular people. They just happen to go to a catholic church. No prob there. But they have to deny the past history of their church because otherwise it means their church is not gods. They have been taught that CC is gods church therefor it must be blameless. These good people need to know

  15. The CC is the One True Faith. She does err in her teaching on faith and morals. The same cannot be said by the sinners who God allows to administer His Church. Like all humans, they sin. This does not reflect on God. It is He that saves and His religion is the means to the Sacraments from which He dispenses His Graces and the way for us to reconcile purselves to Him – that is religion.

  16. Pope Pius XII did think that Mary was “firstborn daughter of the Father”, but Leo VIII went so far in his Encyclical Augustissimæ (Sept.12, 1897) to say of Mary: “God chose her from all eternity to be the Mother of the Incarnate Word, and for that reason so eminently disguised her among all His most beautiful works in the triple order of nature, grace and glory, that the Church

  17. Tasty anti-Catholic dribble. Any approved devotion is of private revelation and is not binding on the faithful. And promises attributed to any such devotion are the result of the Grace of God given to individuals not because of an item or the devotion itself but as a result of the just, moral and faith qualities that one strengthens due to such pious living. <br><br>If I devote myself to the

  18. Let's see. Where do I start with this one? First, this is an encyclical and is not and infallible proclamation. Second, it is speaking towards the positive effects of having a devotion to the Holy Rosary (walking with Mary is a kin to walking with Jesus as the mother will always lead you to the Son). Read the entire encyclical before regurgitating anti-Catholic rhetoric. <br><br>That said,

  19. Dear Loseerose, are you perhaps a female? I was getting the feel from your writing that you might be female. You are more gentile when dealing with a hereitc like me. Most would be call 'off with his head” by now. I have to hand it to you, you have a snappy answer for EVERTHING. If i wasnt so set in my ways, You could have talked me into becoming catholic.

  20. I am not female. Simply a man who loves God. That is why I find no need to disrespect you in order to converse on our differing opinions of the Church, etc. In you I sense a sincere desire for truth. Let that and the love of God guide you to it. <br><br>I do not harvest, just plant the seed.

  21. Let's see. Where do I start with this one? First, this is an encyclical and is not and infallible proclamation. Second, it is speaking towards the positive effects of having a devotion to the Holy Rosary (walking with Mary is a kin to walking with Jesus as the mother will always lead you to the Son). Read the entire encyclical before regurgitating anti-Catholic rhetoric. <br><br>That said,

  22. The bit about Peter is where the catholic church hinges its credability. Peter said to Jesus that He(jesus) is the son of the living god, the christ. That is the rock Jesus built his church on, not a man. Especially Peter. Peter a rock? The one who denied Jesus 3 times? Anyway, the bible all thru says god is the rock, then when Jesus showed up, He became the rock. The stone the builders rejected.

  23. Ive noticed that the people who are the most catholic do the right thing by their church, they deny the CC killed anyone during the inquisition. The rest of the catholics just say that not as many were killed, the number was small. You said it was govt people who overstepped their bounds? Why didnt the pope or bishops jump in and say hey, dont burn them to death! The pope had 1000yrs to stop

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