Sophia Institute Press: Angel in the Waters


Angel in the Waters, cover.

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Earlier today I received n email from the Sophia Institute asking me to read Angel in the Waters, a Catholic children’s book. There were some attached incentives and some requirements to fill in order to get said perks.

The incentives/requirements were only that I share and recommend this book to six of my friends. Thankfully I have more than six friends to share this heartwarming book. I would like to make the point that would this book not been to my liking, I would certainly not recommend it – share its existence and my honest assessment, yes. Recommend it, no.

Anyway, I do like this book which, being intended for a Catholic audience, is pro-life and what I found to be especially endearing was the author’s expression and artist’s rendition of the guardian angel entrusted to the child on the cover.

The words are sweet and had me thinking of my time in the womb which, in turn, caused my mind to wonder what my children’s experience was like and ultimately what Our Blessed Lord must have experienced in the womb of the Blessed Virgin – in the ark of His most perfect creature.

Children’s illustrated books can often be held back by either the words on the page and/or the art used to fill in the gaps in the mind of a beginning reader or attentive child. The illustration of this book definitely accomplished this goal and supported the words as the angel supported the child. I would like to point out that the images from within the womb were very telling and convincing as the story was being told by the child and I would expect one’s recollection of their time in-utero would be expressed in a similar sense.

This book was a short, sweat pleasure and I would certainly recommend it to parents of young children whether Catholic, some other denomination or even non-Christian. Angel in the Waters speaks to our very being as adopted children of Our Father in Heaven.


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