Reflecting on Divine Mercy Sunday

Today’s I had the blessed opportunity to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday at the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, Oregon, otherwise known as the Grotto. Construction began in September 1923 and the first Mass was held eight months later in May 1924.

Much like my first Divine Sunday Mass, participating was a profound experience. The homily of the celebrating priest was poinient and hit home, “How long will you allow yourself to be a slave to the Devil?” This is what the priest wanted to drive home today. And it did for me.
After the Mass I was fortunate enough to spend time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This is a special privalge for the faithful – for those who beleieve in the Fullness of Truth and know and understand that Jesus never left His Church. He is present in every Catholic parish Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity thanks to His Grace and the power of the Holy Spirit who performs the miracle every hour of every day in almost every inhabited place on this earth spins (Malachi 1:11). The Holy Eucharist is the center of Full Christian worship and is something that no Protestant denomination can ever come close to offering or even truly understanding without “swimming the Tiber.”
After being so close to Our Lord, I walked the grounds of the Grotto and felt the presence of God in amonsgt the images of the faithfuly departed saints and in the very essence of the natural setting that engulfed me. The Grotto itself is an amazing site of beauty and dedication to Our Blessed Mother and the Lord that she and we serve.

 Feel free to flip through the pictures below but keep in mind that this the Grotto is so large a testament to the Glory of God that it took me one hour just to complete the upper level gardens.

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