Newsflash: the Pill is an Abortifacient

Not to long ago I had no idea that the Pill worked as an abortifacient. This chemical contraception was never fully explained in sex ed or even by the doctors who prescribed it to my beloved early in our marriage.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of the Pill being abortifacient or not, contraception is sinful and contray to God’s Will as only He is the author of life – not us. Contraception also a barrier to the fullness of the Marriage Sacrament. For how can a valid marriage mirror the relationship of Christ and His Church in addition to the Unity of the Most Holy Trinity if the selfless, total giving of the husband and wife to eachother is broken through selfish desire and lack of faith? Imagine the consequences if Jesus would have decided not to give Himself completely, unto death, in ransom for our sins.


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