Just Say NO!

Just Say NO!


You Can Say No to Your Teenager
And other Strategies for Effective Parenting in the 1990′s
Shalov, Sollinger, Spotts, Steinbrecher, Thorpe

Gotta love the parenting books.   We have featured a couple of parenting books here and here .   I do like the featured “problem” of wearing black.  The second has more potential but I can save all the parents a ton of time reading these books with the following advice:  Don’t negotiate with terrorists and carry a gun. (Humorless reader alert: I am kidding and I am a survivor of teens so I get to say this!)

Looking forward to empty nest syndrome,



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This comes from a favorite blog of mine. As I understand it, this blog is run by a librarian for librarians. I am not a librarian. But I can appreciate some of the awful books that are posted on the site and this book is no exception.

Echoing the original post, I love the two examples from the back cover. The confirmation scenario probably has not changed much and I am sure many Catholic parents have faced similar. The second scenario hits a bit closer to home. No I was never busted drunk at 14 but I do have plenty of party experience and have rehearsed this in my mind and frankly there would be more that a loss of privileges once the child in question is out of medical danger.

I think Dr. Gregory Popcak should opine on this book.


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