Culture of Death – With a Smile!

This week, Marie Stopes International, the largest abortion provider in England, launched a British TV ad campaign that encourages pregnant women to call a 24-hour helpline. The campaign uses the slogan “Are you late?”

HLI President Reverend Thomas J. Euteneuer today responded to news that Marie Stopes, the largest abortion provider in England and in much of the world, will be allowed to run commercials advertising abortion as a solution for women in crisis pregnancies.

“Pro-lifers have been saying this for decades — these are abortion profiteers,” said Rev. Euteneuer. “They literally have no shame. These profit-seeking commercials point out the lie that abortion is a ‘choice’ or an act of compassion. No, abortion is a grubby business, pure and simple.”

“Marie Stopes shows us that the abortion industry targets women in their most vulnerable moments and offers them one solution—the killing of a baby,” said Rev. Euteneuer. “These women need loving concern. They need to be shown true, life-affirming options, not a false way out that not only results in the death of the child, but in multiple health and emotional problems for the mother.”

Several years ago an official of Marie Stopes caused a scandal by admitting in a public conference that their clinics perform illegal abortions in the Third World. “Whether they are aborting babies in the UK or in the poorest countries of the world they make profit off the killing of God’s most precious children,” said Rev. Euteneuer. “The sad part is that now they are given space on prime time for these heinous ads. We will be working with our friends in the UK to oppose this offense to life and dignity. This cannot go unanswered.”

Thank you Fr. Euteneuer (who is also an exorcist – fighting spiritual death with the Power of Life) and Catholic Fire for doing what you do.

This post and video reminded me a of a disturbing ad here in the US that aired during the finale to a certain show I was watching. The ad was for a new sterilization procedure, or as they nicely coated it “permanent birth control option.” The slogan for the ad is:

“Your family is complete. Your choice is clear.”

The slogan does not seem to indicate that one truly has a choice. It should effectively say:

“You own your body not God. You make your rules not God. You know what you have to do.”

The procedure, Essure, is supposed to be a less-invasive type of laproscopic tubal ligation. In other words, voluntary sterilization. As we know, this is a conscience choice to close your body to the gift of life. This, especially in a valid marriage, breaks the bond of unity and conjugal love and effectively has the woman turning her back on God. It is not as heinous as murdering your pre-born child (abortion) but is essentially a step before.

Think of what I am saying like this. If a couple/woman decides that their “family is complete” and that their “choice is clear” and procedes with the operation and finds out later that she is pregnant due to a failed procedure what do you think the “clear choice” is going to be then?

Consider the following information as detailed in Wikipedia:


Upon follow-up, occlusion is observed to have occurred in 96.5% of patients at 3 months with the remainder occluded by 6 months. [1]

The reported insertional failure rates are “failure to place 2 micro-inserts in the first procedure (5%), initial tubal patency (3.5%), expulsion (2.2%), perforation (1.8%), or other unsatisfactory device location (0.6%).”[3] [Noted here is the possibility for procedural failure. Remember the scenario I posed above.] Following successful insertion and occlusional response, the Essure procedure is 99.80% effective based on 4 years of follow-up.[4] The Essure procedure has been demonstrated in a small portion of the women undergoing clinical studies to be 99.74% effective[5] based on 5 years of follow-up. Five year follow-up of all patients in clinical trials is ongoing.

Cautions and warnings

The micro-inserts do not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. [This is always noteworthy.] The procedure takes about 35 minutes for a trained physician to perform and can be performed in a physician’s office. General anesthesia is not required. Unlike many temporary methods of birth control, the Essure micro-inserts do not contain or release hormones. [Aside from the quickness of the procedure this is another selling point of the procedure.]

The micro-inserts are made from polyester fibers, nickeltitanium and stainless steel and are safe to use with MRI equipment. The Essure procedure is reported to be permanent and not reversible by the manufacturing company. Notwithstanding the manufacturer’s position, on November 5, 2007, Dr. William A.C. Greene Jr. and Dr. Wende
ll Turner at Lakeshore Surgical Center were the first surgeons in the US to perform an Essure Reversal. Several reversals have been performed since then.

[Other than completely removing or obliterating sexual organs, God always ensures a path to redemption if one is so inclined and able.]

Additional birth control must be used for three months after procedure.[3][7]


  • Perforation, expulsion, or other unsatisfactory location of the micro-insert
  • Pregnancy and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Pain, cramping, vaginal bleeding, menstrual pattern changes, light periods at first then longer, heavier periods lasting up to 6–8 weeks
  • Nausea/vomiting, or fainting
  • Vasovagal response
  • Allergic reaction to the materials

You know, there is only one method of spacing your pregnancies that is just as effective, improves your marriage and keeps you in good standing with God. That method is called Natural Family Planing.

For more information on this and related topics please check out:


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