Caution: Man at Work

This is going to be one of those posts. The kind that says, “I’m board and cannot thinks of anything else to write.”

So here goes.

In the coming days and maybe weeks I will working on items to discuss the following issues:
  • Transgendered: How reversing the roles of men and women is a cause and sign of social/moral decline
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Examining the problems within mixed-marriages (religious)
  • Rescue Mission: Catholic evangelization and apologetics for our fallen family
  • Gardening with God: Determining when you’ve done your part in planting the seed of Truth
  • Being a Militant: Becoming and effective Cultural Warrior for Christ (this is inspired by the Saint Joseph Communications podcast of the same name)
Beyond these topics, expect to see more reviews of books aimed at strengthening our faith. Locked and loaded are:
  • The Judas Syndrome
  • The Essential Belloc
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • The Three Marks of Manhood
  • Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone
  • The Mystery of Predestination
  • Be a Man!
  • Heaven Sense
  • Seventeen Steps to Heaven
  • Sex au Naturale

Looks like a full and active plate. If you have any suggestions for topics or advice on how to approach these or any subjects, feel free to drop me a line.Thanks and God bless.


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