Martyrs of Mexico


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Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR with guest Fr. Raymond Roden, discuss the persecution of the Church in Mexico during the early 20th Century in what would later be called the Cristero War.

It is surprising to me that most people have not heard of this very recent persecution which led to the canonization of no less than 25 saints plus some beati including Blessed Miguel Pro who is probably the most well known. Some of the most notable martyrs were teens and even “tweens.”

In the audio above the Frs. Groeschel and Roden discuss the reasons for the persecution, including the role of the anti-Catholic Masons, and how the Feast Day for Christ the King came about as a Rome’s response to these events.

The hour is inspirational and begs us to ask the question of ourselves: How much do you love Jesus?

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