Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art


Billed as a once in a lifetime experience the Vatican Splendors exhibit, currently in Saint Louis, Missouri (through September 12, 2010) and later in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (opening October 2, 2010), certainly is that. This is one-time glance at what the Church did and does to preserve our artistic heritage.

Obviously most of the works presented in the exhibit will be of religious nature but there are a few pieces that are not directly Christian. But the fact that much of art history is a result man’s desire to express the internal search and love for Our Creator is a statement unto itself. For the Church, which was established by Christ Himself, the art commission by her and created on her behalf are filled with this desire to express and inspire.

There are many pieces that, until now, were not seen outside of the Vatican. Also included are family paintings, mosaics, frescos and statues. What is most amazing is that much of the exhibit is not behind glass. On the flip side, the section on Art of the Liturgy does not have any monstrances on display. But there is a reliquary with relics.

If you are in Saint Louis or Pittsburgh make sure you attend. It is my understanding that there are plenty of coupons and there may be special offerings for parish members or even those who book attendance as a whole parish or parish group.

Below is video tour provided by the organizers and links to some select pictures from the gallery. Oh ***THERE IS NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED***



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