Hold Mommy’s Hand!

Hold Mommy’s Hand!


Linda always tells us of the time when the Holy Spirit graced her by telling an abortion minded girl to hold her baby’s hand during an ultrasound. The baby responded to its mother’s voice by moving it’s hand in the womb next to it’s mother’s. This resulted in a turn around.

Ever since then she often encourages mothers to hold their baby’s hands during the ultrasounds.

This afternoon we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from one of the girls who held her son’s hand while he was in the womb and decided to parent him. Linda was so excited that she had the mother hold her precious baby’s hand while I snapped this photo.

St. Expeditus pray for us!

Could you imagine the explosion of love in that room when the hand of a child in the womb moved towards his mother’s. I bet there were lots of tissues used during that exam.


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