No Going Back

No Going Back


“I sometimes see a little girl walking across my bedroom, but I know she’s not real” The woman who told me this had an abortion when she was 15 years old. She called the EMC Center a couple of days ago asking for another abortion and for a job at the center. I scheduled an appointment for her and told her I would have to see about the job. Yesterday, I walked into the EMC Center, and there was a new Medical Assistant being trained. We were introduced, and I explained to her the mission of our centers. “We are here to help women and their babies by providing them free abortion alternatives so they do not feel like abortion is their only answer.” She then proceeded to tell me that that was great and told me that she had actually called for an abortion a couple of days ago but changed her mind. Immediately, I realized she was the woman I talked to. I then asked her if she had ever had an abortion, and she said yes. “So why did you have an abortion?” I asked. “Because I was only 15. I was too young to be raising a baby.” I responded, “Well did you know what an abortion was at the time?” “Yes, I did some research beforehand.” At that moment, I did not feel as if she was the right intern for this center. I made sure to pay close attention to her.

As the abortion procedure videos played, the Medical Assistant intently watched. She then left the room and sat in the office. When I came in later on, I saw tears streaming down her face. “I wish I knew all of this before, and now my baby is gone.” “There is a beautiful weekend retreat out in the countryside known as Rachel’s Vineyard. It’s a place where women heal who have gone through what you have gone through,” I said. “I would love to go,” she said. That day, I realized I was being judgmental. Who am I to say that she does not belong here? God sent her here for a reason whether to tell her story or just heal. Although there is no going back for her first pregnancy, God has blessed her with a new one. All she can do is learn from her mistakes and move forward, and the EMC centers will help her.

If you’ve ever had an abortion or been affected by one (fatherhood taken away) please seek healing and reconciliation.


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