Nurse reunited with dying father

Sept. 6: Wanda Rodriguez, a nurse at New York’s Calvary Hospital, hadn’t seen her estranged father for more than 40 years. But when Victor Peraza was admitted to the hospital where Rodriguez works last week, she immediately recognized the terminally ill man. Rodriguez describes the emotional reunion to TODAY’s Lester Holt.

Nurse reunited with dying father – Bing Videos.

This story is a remarkable example of love, especially Christian love and honoring of one’s parents. It is amazing that this daughter, who could have harbored a great deal of resentment reacted with gratefulness by embracing the opportunity God placed before her and her father.

And her father, despite his own errors he still recalled his daughter and counted her as his. how much sorrow did this man experience knowing that he was apart from his little girl? How grateful must he be that God has granted him an opportunity to reconnect with his daughter and get to know his three grandchildren of her before his eminent passing.

The mercy and providence of God is boundless.



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