Rediscovering Our Foster Father


The Mystery of Joseph

From my earliest memory the name of Joseph abound in my home. Saint Joseph is the namesake of my father, Jose; my eldest brother, Jose and my older brother, Joseph. Despite being surrounded with the name of the second most important creature in the life of Our Blessed Lord, I, like many in the Church today, lacked a knowledge and understanding of the man who God chose to guard, guide and, above all, love the Incarnate Word and His Blessed Mother.  

That ignorance of the Patron and Protector of the Holy Church was lifted by the contemplative volume The Mystery of Joseph written by the late Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe, OP.  Father Philippe is considered by many to be a profound and seminal philosopher and theologian. The founder of the Community of the Brothers of Saint John, Father Philippe provides an insight into the The Mystery of Joseph that fostered in me a greater appreciation of Church’s most silent, patient and humble saint.   

The book, published by Zaccheus Press, is a combination of the foreword written by Father Philippe for Charles Suave’s Saint Joseph intime and a collection of lectures concerning the various facets that make up the holiness of Saint Joseph. The editors of this work also added many useful footnotes that link the words of Father Philippe to Sacred Scripture, the Church Fathers and illuminating cross-references to other lectures and essays produced by Father Philippe. Furthermore, Zaccheus Press prudently added Pope Leo XIII‘s an excerpt encyclical Quamquam pluries, “Defining the Place of Saint Joseph in the Economy of Salvation.” Not to leave the reader want for ways to foster a deep devotion to this great saint, the appendix also contains various prayers written to Saint Joseph including the Litany of Saint Joseph.   

Father Philippe’s theological content on the virtues and importance of Saint Joseph sheds light on this saint who is described in Matthew 1:19 as, “being a just man.” The author reveals Saint Joseph to be that and much more.   

In the pages of his book Father Philippe provides for all Christians a description of the man chosen by God for merits such as humility, strength, bravery and above all intense and abandoned faith in the God of the Universe. It is in Saint Joseph that we see the link between the Old Testament patriarchs and the model of New Testament Beatitudes.   

The model of Saint Joseph, as detailed in the pages of The Mystery of Joseph, provides men and fathers and any person in authority a patron who demonstrates what it means to love in selfless abandon – to love transcendentally as God loves us.   

The Mystery of Joseph is a complex and profound work that should lay well-worn and at arm’s length. It is the perfect gift for any man – for any Christian.   

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