O’Donnell Should Explain “Witchcraft” Comments?


Christine O'Donnell, Delaware's Republican Senate candidate Credit: Getty Images/Mark Wilson

Christine O’Donnell has an “obligation” to explain her past remarks that she “dabbled into witchcraft,” Republican Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) said this morning.

However, Pence dismissed the attention O’Donnell has received for her decade-old comments as “typical nitpicking.” O’Donnell’s campaign, along with that of other Tea Party-backed candidates, is “less about the messenger [and] more about the message,” he said on ABC‘s “Good Morning America.”

“What is bringing everyday Americans into the street, out to Tea Party rallies and town hall meetings is the realization that our government has run off the rails,” Pence said. “The American people recognize they’ve got to take back the reins of our government.”

Republican strategist Karl Rove also said Sunday that O’Donnell should explain the remarks, which liberal pundit Bill Maher dug up and aired Friday on his show “Real Time.”

“In southern Delaware, where there are a lot of church-going people, they’re probably going to want to know what was that all about,” Rove said on “Fox News Sunday.”

via Pence, Rove Say Christine O’Donnell Should Explain “Witchcraft” Comments – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

As Pence is quoted as saying above, this is political nitpicking. Also of note is the fact that Bill Maher decided to dig this clip up and present it on his HBO show. I cannot fault Maher for doing this for several reasons:

  1. He has a political talk show and like every other program, they need ratings to survive. What drives ratings better than controversy?
  2. He is a political liberal and one whose M.O. is about shame. The tactic that many like he, on either side of the political spectrum, enjoy using is digging up old comments in order to somehow make the case that a person who said one thing then and professes something different (context is irrelevant) is a hypocrite despite the original comments being made 11 years ago. It is no surprise that humans do not generally allow others the benefit of the doubt concerning mistakes, the evolution of opinions and the conversion of past transgressions. Thus the reason the only viable ransom for our sins was Jesus Himself.
  3. In line with scandal and controversy, Maher probably wishes to use this example as a way to prove or at least promote his atheism or agnosticism (not sure what he is) and show Christians for what they are – hypocrites that do not even adhere to what they profess. I guess persons who lack faith fail to realize that religion is the way one reconciles themselves to God. This reconciliation is on going until the very moment of death.

I guess the biggest problem I have with all of this boils down to lemmings. Solely because some clip was dug up showing that a particular candidate may have done something in their past that is diametrically opposed to who they today, we voters should toss out “baby with the bath water” and vote for another candidate.

Unfortunately, we often follow everyone else off the cliff without giving any thought concerning our own sinful natures and the fact that no person wishes to be taken as a person of their words 11 years in the past especially if they are not of the same mindset today.

We all need to think before voting remembering that we seek the candidate best equipped to represent us by holding steadfast to life and liberty:

  • No to abortion
  • No to embryonic stem cell research
  • No to human cloning
  • No to euthanasia
  • No to homosexual marriage


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