Of the Day: St. Vincent Pallotti Speaks and St. Januarius


Saint of the Day: St. Januarius (4th century) was a bishop in Italy during Diocletian’s persecution. While visiting imprisoned deacons, he was arrested, and later martyred. His blood was preserved, and dried. Every year since 1389, on his feast day, and on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May, his blood liquifies.

via MyCatholic.com 

“Remember that the Christian life is one of action; not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done well.” – St. Vincent Pallotti



Saint Vincent Pallotti (April 21, 1795 – January 22, 1850) was an Italian ecclesiastic, born in Rome, and a saint. He was the founder of the Pious Society of Missions (the Pallotines), He is buried in the church of San Salvatore in Onda. He was descended from the noble families of the Pallotti of Norcia and the De Rossi of Rome. His early studies were made at the Pious Schools of San Pantaleone, and from there he passed to the Roman College. At the age of sixteen, he resolved to become a priest, and was ordained on May 16, 1820.

via Wikipedia: Vincent Pallotti


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