Voting as a Catholic

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As Catholics we have duty to ensure that we participate in government. That our voice is heard and that we act as part of the moral conscience of our respective countries.

Election season is coming up once more and the United States faces the continued challenge of electing Congressional Representatives and Senators that are supposed to act and vote on our behalf. Treading the waters of candidates is a treacherous task to say the least. But we MUST, acting in good conscience, wade through the muck and seek to find the best candidates – those whose promises either mirror our moral conscience or, at worst, is the least damaging choice.

Below I have placed an episode of Saint Joseph‘s Communication’s podcast, Straight Talk, featuring Catholic lay evangelists and apologists Terry Barber and Jesse Romero. In this episode, they speak about how a faithful Catholic must vote as a Catholic first and an American second.

This means that we have a duty to God to examine the candidates concerning their views on non-negotiable issues such as abortion, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, euthanasia and homosexual marriage. It is unfortunate and disheartening that many of our candidates, even those who claim to be morally aligned with us, seemingly fail to do what they say but we must remain steadfast to Our Lord and trust that WE are doing right by HIM: voting out of love for His Word and not out of fear for our earthly condition.


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