Protestant Questions Sola Scriptura


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The first and most obvious question that anyone should ask of Sola Scriptura is whether or not it abides by its own principle. Can the idea that the Scriptures alone are the only source of infallibly inspired truth be proven from Scripture alone? I don’t want to spend a great deal of time on that question but I should note that I have yet to be convinced of the affirmative answer. The Scriptures say many things about themselves, even that they are inspired by God and perfect, but I personally have not found a verse that asserts the singular and exclusive infallibility of Scripture. The statement “All Scripture is God-breathed…” does not imply that only Scripture is God-breathed any more than the statement “all limes are green” implies that only limes are green.

via Second Thoughts on Sola Scriptura « genureflection. (H/T The Sacred Page)

When Martin Luther left the Catholic Church to follow what he felt was the true method of Christianity he created a source of sole authority in earth that God did not intend. This was the Bible – alone.

Since the beginning of Salvation History God never left His beloved creatures without One True authority. Early on it was Him and later He chose Abraham and then Moses, then other prophets all the way to Christ Jesus – God Himself once more.

During His time on earth Our Blessed Lord, always knowing that He was to return to heaven to reign from above in unity with the Father and Holy Spirit until the Eschaton, Christ choose a select group of men from all of His disciples to carry His work. These men, the Apostles, were the originators of the office of the episcopacy or bishopric. Ever unchanging, God left this group of leaders with its own leader, Saint Peter, our first Pope. He alone and/or the Apostles together, the constituted the first implementation of the Magisterium or Teaching Authority of the Church.

Through their missionary work, these men multiplied the followers of Christ, making many disciples, establishing Churches in foreign lands, ordaining priests and bishops and celebrating the Gospel in the Eucharist. They accomplished this by teaching, example and word of mouth. Letters followed but no rule or canon developed unit well after the Church herself was firmly established and visible.

It was Martin Luther’s break with the authoritative Bride of Christ that required a replacement authority. And thus, he was forced to elevate Sacred Scripture to a level that was never intended – the sole rule of the faith.

The linked post above originates in the mind of a Protestant who is now coming to the full realization that Scripture does not and cannot self authenticate or self interpret. Scripture requires an authoritative body, guided and protected by the Holy Spirit, to authenticate and interpret it. This body is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ – the Holy Catholic Church.


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