Reflections from the Saints: Mary Joseph Rossello on Adoring Jesus


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Go to Jesus. He loves you and is waiting for you to give you many graces. He is on the altar surrounded by angels adoring and praying. Let them make some room for you and join them in doing what they do.

– St. Mary Joseph Rossello

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One of nine children, her father was a potter. Born in poverty, she suffered from poor health all her life. Pious from early youth she tried to enter a religious order, but was refused admission due to her health and lack of dowry. The pious, childless couple she worked for could have given her a dowry, but would not because they did not want to lose her as member of their family. Franciscan tertiary at age 16

Her bishop knew of her skill in teaching the faith to girls, and in 1837 he gave her a house which she and three other young women made into two classrooms. From this humble beginning came the Institute of the Daughters of Mercy in 1837 under the protection of Our Lady of Mercy and Saint Joseph, groups devoted to teaching the young, and caring for the sick. Any deserving girl would be accepted into the community, even without a dowry. Mary Joseph served as superior of this band of teachers for over 40 years. In 1875 they opened their first house in the Americas at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Josepha’s success and personal holiness were such that her bishop, over strong objection from many, allowed her to organize a group that encouraged vocations to the priesthood.

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