Reversion is Redemption


Audio presented by Saint Joseph Communications.

I am a Catholic revert. Until recently I never thought to label myself as such because in my mind, I never truly left the Church. And technically, this is true. However, my actions not only set me apart from God, they also distanced me from His Bride, the Catholic Church. Upon my return Home to Rome, I felt as though I was the prodigal son returning to his father after many years away.

Personally, I think that every revert probably feels this way as well and from what I heard in the audio I linked below, it seems Jeff Cavins did as well. Jeff Cavins is the author of the famed Great Adventure Bible Study and is a revert with more that enough street cred in Protestant circles. His story is a powerful testimony illustrating the amount of love that God has for each and every one of us, if only we were to accept it.

Download: Three Bishops and A Rebel – Jeff Cavins

Podcast: SAINTJOE Podcast

I took the liberty of placing some links a couple of the items mentioned by Mr. Cavins in his testimony in addition to the Great Adventure Bible Study:

Of course Mr. Cavins mentions Dr. Scott Hahn and anything you pick up by him is bound to be good and worthwhile.


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