Islamic Mobs Attack Orphanage, Clinic and 3 Churches


Provinces of Indonesia. Image via Wikipedia.

This story strikes very close to home for me. Not because I or any member of my family are from Indonesia but rather because a good friend of mine, an Indonesian Catholic, is presently there. He returned home to care for his ailing mother and it is difficult for me to imagine going through life with the thought that you remain a persecuted minority.

My friend is a very faithful Christian and though not as vocal about his Faith, the evangelism he engages in is rooted primarily in actions. This, of course, speaks volumes in comparison to mere words. On with the reblog:

Thousands of Muslims attacked three Christian churches, an orphanage, and a health-care clinic in Indonesia on February 8.

A Catholic priest was badly beaten as he sought to protect the tabernacle in his church from the marauding crowd. After damaging that church, the crowd went on to torch two nearby Protestant churches and other Church institutions.

The mob violence in Java was prompted by a court decision sentencing a Christian evangelist to 5 years in prison, rather than the death sentence, after his conviction on blasphemy charges. Richmond Bawengan Antonius had been arrested last October, charged with distributing pamphlets that mocked Islam.

The burst of violence came, ironically, as Indonesia celebrated Interfaith Harmony Week. Indonesia, which is the world’s most populous Muslim country, has an official ideology that emphasizes religious tolerance.

Archbishop Yohannes Pujasumarta of Semarang said that the violence reflected a disturbing trend, as in recent months “the intolerance of that group of fanatics has mounted.”

Source(s): these links will take you to other sites, in a new window.

  • Central Java: Thousands of Muslims attack three churches, an orphanage and a Christian centre (AsiaNews)
  • Anti-Christian violence erupts in Indonesia (Vatican Radio)
  • Religious violence flares in Indonesia (CWN, 2/7)
  • via Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Islamic mobs in burst of anti-Christian violence in Indonesia.

    Let us pray for all persecuted Christians.


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