[INFO UPDATE] Please Support a Trip to World Youth Day 2011

Well of course it is not for me. I am too old for World Youth Day; however, my niece isn’t.

Yesterday I received the following request from my niece who lives in Northern California, residing in the Diocese of Monterey:


Click on the image above to donate any amount. Thank you in advance and God bless.

Dear Family and Friends:I am writing to you to invite you to help sponsor my trip to the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. World Youth Day (WYD) is an international event that only comes around every three years and in different places in the world. Catholic youth attend this event to celebrate and grow in their faith. There will be many exciting experiences, including celebrating Mass with The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. This will be an experience of a life time, and will undoubtedly stay with me forever. We will first go to Lourdes in Southern France, then travel down through Northern Spain for a few days before arriving in Madrid. We will have a day in Madrid for sightseeing, and then we will be off to conferences, Masses, and the rallies. I have been involved with my church for 6 years, including being a catechist for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word during mass and being a part of our youth group.

This summer I will also be partaking in the planning and execution of an annual summer camp for teens of Madonna del Sasso Church. This ministry is an important part of my life and I know this pilgrimage will benefit not only me, but the youth in my community and everyone else around me.

The total cost of the trip for the 30 young adults of Sacred Heart and Madonna del Sasso churches who will be travelling to WYD will be $90,000.

The Catholic Extension has awarded us a $25,000 matching grant. Your donation is also tax deductible; you will find the Tax ID number at the end of the letter. The remaining $40,000 is being raised through various fundraisers. I would greatly appreciate your sponsorship through a donation to help me achieve my goal. Any amount would be of great help, no donation is too small or too large.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration to sponsor me.

Thank You for your time and prayers,

[My Niece]

Tax ID # 94-1658203

This is a worthy cause from a deserving young woman. If you are able to please consider helping to make this trip possible. I know many of us are broke but even little amounts add up.

Thank you and God bless.

[Okay, I see that several people have viewed this post and the linked donation page. That is great because if you can’t give money prayers are free and more effective. Anyway, according to my niece the deadline is April 1st, however, she is going to verufy that with parish organizers. She also provided me some information for those who wish to donate but just not on PayPal. (Can’t say that I blame you. The way I set it up is a bit rushed and can raise some antenneas).

If you want to donate by check, please make it out to:

22 Stone Street
Salinas, CA 93901

And please use WYD2011 as the purpose/note in the bottom left-hand corner of the check. Thanks again and God bless.]


One thought on “[INFO UPDATE] Please Support a Trip to World Youth Day 2011

  1. Erik, thank you for posting this. Marissa, and all of the young adults, are working so hard. All of the young adults that are going to WYD2011 have been active in their parishes, first as members in their youth groups, and now as young adults helping lead the youth groups. The matching grant from Catholic Extension requires them to spend, at least, 100 volunteer hours within the next year

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