Mary, Ark of the New Covenant

Here is an interesting and quick description by former Baptist Steve Ray on how Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant:

Mary, Ark of the New Covenant

Here is [Steve Ray’s] article on Mary the New Ark, and here is [Steve Ray’s] collection of what the early Christian taught on Mary the Ark.

Now, notice the two pictures below: Do you notice the parallels? What is similar to each picture?


First, the glory of God is revealed “above” both arks (the Gold Box and Mary).

In the first, the glory is revealed as the Shekinah Glory Cloud; in the second, the glory of God is revealed in his Son Jesus Christ, God Incarnate.

Do we worship the Ark? No, of course not! Jews didn’t worship the Old Ark, nor do Catholics worship the New Ark. Jews did not worship the box and Catholics do not worship Mary. Jews worshiped what was ABOVE the box — which was the presence of God; Catholics worship what is above the Ark, that which is sitting in Mary’s lap. Both Jews and Catholics venerate and appreciate the ark, but the worship is reserved for what it contains and reveals.

[Steve Ray’s] earlier blog on Mary the Ark here.

via Defenders of the Catholic Faith : Hosted by Stephen K. Ray » Mary, Ark of the New Covenant.

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