Reflections from the Saints: Julius the Veteran on Christ

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It was He who died for our sins to give us eternal life. This same man, Christ, is God and abides for ever and ever. Whoever believes in Him will have eternal life; whoever denies Him will have eternal punishment.

– St. Julius the Veteran to his examiners

Saint Julius the Veteran (255–302), also known as Julius of Durostorum, is a Catholic and Eastern Orthodox saint. His feast day is May 27.

According to Christian tradition, Julius was a Roman soldier for 27 years and a veteran of several military campaigns. He converted to Christianity and was denounced by his fellow soldiers. He was tried for his faith. The examining prefect, Maximus, asked him to sacrifice as a symbolic denunciation of his faith. Maximus also attempted bribery.

Julius declined, and he and seven others were beheaded in Durostorum (today the town of Silistra in Bulgaria) and died as martyrs.

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Saint Julius, pray for us.

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