May 13: Solar Halo Impresses Crowed at Fatima

The following story shows us that God continues to speak to us through His most perfect creation Mary.


On May 13 a large crowd of pilgrims gathered in Fatima, in fact, as is customary in this great day celebrating the first apparition of Our Lady in 1917. 

At the height of the prayers there was a natural phenomenon that occurs rarely in place: a solar halo

Whereas Our Lady of Fatima wanted to express to people with luminous phenomena such as the famous Miracle of the Sun, 13 October 1917, has merits wonder if this phenomenon was a sign from heaven. 

The phenomenon of the solar halo is explained by science. What science can not explain – and, indeed, this task is not it – why it happened on May 13, Fatima, as noted by the Lusa News Agency

But before any other consideration, the most important is to discern what is right in that the event was. 

A friend from Spain, was in Fatima at the time of exceptional halo. 

He told us his impressions and sent his pictures that reproduce the sequel. The trip to Fatima went perfectly as planned. At the end of Mass held on the terrace came the phenomenon of solar halo. 


I was at the end of the esplanade, among the people, when I realized that the other side looked to the sky, and pointed upward. 

There was a slight rustling among the pilgrims, and the private galleries of the front got a big applause that he never generalize. 

I looked then to the sun that was a little behind me, but well above. 

I saw with surprise that huge halo around it. The colors in my pictures did not turn out well. It was like a big eye, the sun itself being the apple of the eye. The pupil was a bright pink color, and the outer ring to pull the yellow-brown. 

It reminded me of the giant jellyfish viewed from below, which appear in these films underwater National Geographic in three dimensions. 

The phenomenon lasted a long time, maybe an hour, though more intense for about 20 minutes. 

Began around noon and shortly. But what really surprised me was the ease with which people followed. No fuss, no hallucinations, or exaltation, or hysteria. 


Everyone was calm, looking with curiosity and continuing to watch the ceremony. I am also surprised that something so remarkable was not commented upon by some of the celebrants who were using the microphone, yet it was only to register the fact. 

In short, these are the impressions I had and I send to you is of some use. 

I am sending you attached photos of what the newspapers Correio da Manha and Jornal de Noticias published the next day. 

In Jesus and Mary


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