“A baby is a human being — a person entirely distinct and separate from his or her mother.   An individual.   Not an extension of his or her mother.   A woman’s right to control her own body does not grant her the right to kill another person, even though the other person initially depends on her for survival.    We are all dependent on each other for survival.

This new individual must be afforded the same basic rights as every other person.   Otherwise our speeches about freedom are meaningless, and worse than that, our intrinsic value as human beings is cast aside in favor of power and utilitarianism.”

— Jennifer Hartline 

Seeing both of my boys in this form of ultrasound brought me to tears. To think that I could see the face of the men I love more than my own life even before they left the sanctuary of their mother’s womb was something of revelation to me.

How must have Mary and Joseph felt to already know the child in her womb simply by the intensity of His love for them?


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