“The stories of mothers/parents disposing their newborns in dumpsters, down laundry chutes, stabbing, etc. are becoming so common they have spurred special laws in some states.   Mothers can drop off their babies anonymously at hospitals within a week or so of birth if they don’t want them.   No questions asked no charges.

What are we seeing here?   The inevitable result of a sex-crazed culture that preaches lust without consequences.   Hey, you get pregnant, kill the kid.   Well for some, the distinction between killing before birth and killing after has blurred.   And why not? If it is perfectly fine to kill a child before birth why should anyone have qualms about killing a newborn?   It’s just a question of a few minutes between legal and illegal.   The sexual revolution has unhinged many young people from fundamental morality.   Their moral code is ‘I can do whatever I want.’   And that’s what’s happening.   Read it and weep and understand why it is so important to fight abortion, contraception, and sex ed.   They are the unholy trinity of lust.   And there is a strong connection between sexual immorality and violence.     We have reached the ultimate disposable society.    Relationships are disposable and so are the babies conceived as a result of them.”

Mary Ann Kreitzer


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