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American Life League Urges Citizen Action as the Obama HHS Mandate Begins to Take Effect on August 1, 2012.



Washington, DC -The Obama HHS mandate requiring that employers cover abortion drugs, contraception and sterilization in the health insurance plans takes effect today, August 1, 2012. Paul E. Rondeau , executive director of American Life League, issued the following statement:


The president’s HHS Mandate redefines and marginalizes religious freedom in favor of government ideology. History tragically teaches us that if our government can abolish one constitutional right, then all constitutional rights are put in jeopardy.   This path sets a dangerous and foolish precedent that First Amendments rights such as freedom of speech, association, freedom of the press, and the rights to assemble and petition the government may be just as easily curtailed in the future.


We call on all citizens to…

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