Target releases ad featuring same-sex ‘married’ couple |

Target's latest ad

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, July 30, 2012 ( – Target is promoting their wedding registry with a focus on homosexualmarriage”. A new ad released last month depicts two men holding hands with the slogan, “Be yourself, together.”

The retail giant has angered both pro-family and pro-homosexual activists as they have apparently flip-flopped in their approach to same-sex “marriage”.

In 2010 Target faced some backlash from homosexual political groups after they gave $150,000 to MN Forward, a political group that supported Tom Emmer, the pro-life, pro-marriage Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota. More recently they have been criticized for their decision not to sell an album by Frank Ocean, who recently came out as homosexual.

But last month the chain began selling same-sex “marriage” wedding cards, and they have supported pride parades in Minneapolis for a number of years. In May, Target sold gay pride t-shirts ad gave the proceeds to the Family Equality Council, a homosexual political advocacy group.

via Target releases ad featuring same-sex ‘married’ couple |

So it seems that the irrational-rationals think it just fine for a company to go ahead and move forward with open support of controversial issues and would rightly decry any boycott action against said company based solely on the expression of free speech – so long as the company remains on this (see above) side of the fence.

Now bring in a company whose president offers a personal opinion and where the corporation itself affirms its own long-standing policy against discrimination and commits to remaining out of the controversial debate and we see public officials and a motley bunch of yokels running around calling them bigots – all because they exercised the same freedom of speech.

So what is the difference? Well, in the latter case the company is remaining out of a controversial debate thus separating the views of a person within the company while not compromising the tenants on which the company was founded. And in the former you have a corporation that decide to inject the opinions of its leaders into the same debate, doing so as flip-flop pros, thus providing strong evidence that it is hedging its bets on what is seemingly the more lucrative customer base – single adults with vast, disposable incomes (generally speaking as most homosexual persons are unlikely to be supporting a family).

Not only is this crap, it is an alliance based in pragmatism and greed rather than on honesty and integrity. Like many illicit unions, the “marriage” between Target and the gay “wannabe marriage” promoters will be fleeting – especially when money begins to flow from the company like a bad night in Vegas.


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