NFL fan falls to death at Houstons Reliant Stadium. Are stadiums unsafe? –


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First, I would like to express my condolences to the family of this man and assure them of my prayers for the repose of his soul and the healing of his family. And I ask all who read this to please do the same.


With that, allow me to move on to what really caught my interest of this story – the headline.



Why am I spending time on this? Because I think the CSM is performing a disservice to all who read the story as presented on their site vis-a-vis the the same story on on SI’s site. The story on both sites originate from Associated Press. and it is my understanding that subscribers to the AP an edit the story and even change the headline. But in this case, I feel CSM goes a bit further than what the story itself supports and mostly likely does it in an effort to generate some interest through fear. On the flip side, SI seems to present the headline as dictated by the story with no “extra” desire to create commotion.


Seriously, questioning the safety of stadiums based on this or any other incident similar to this is like saying, that because one guy got sick from a batch of bad granny smith apples that all types of fruits are dangerous.


Think about it – the accident occurred on an escalator. How many places have escalators:



Why single out all stadiums because of an accident that occurred on a device within the stadium? Drama.



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