FoundNation » Universal

I was fortunate to discover this group while listening to the Catholic Rockers podcast, produced by SQPN. In any event, as has been my experience with most “praise” Catholic musicians they bring every experience the Lord has allowed them to the table in his honor and leave nothing to be desired.

FoundNation is more than just a rap group. It is a group of men, driven by their Christian identity, to serve others, and make God known to them through their lives and their music.

This new group that spans to all the borders of the United States is not only bringing a new sound to Christian rap but is also setting a high bar for catholic rap. The 3 artists with the stage names of Thot, Dy-verse, and C2six have many years of ministry, from the local level of parish ministry with CCD and catechetical teachers to street ministry with gang intervention and street witnessing. After pursuing solo careers in the hip-hop world, they crossed paths through the indie Catholic rap label Phatmass, and quickly bonded as artists and friends. Desiring to bring change to the lives of individuals, their communities, and their own personal lives as they continuously sought to live out their Catholic-Christian faith, these young men became the group called FoundNation.

With their individual talents, they seek to bring light into a dark world, through rhymes, beats and songs. The sounds represented from the group come from “tha South” and also from a “latin” rap mixed with a “now-pop” sound, the music is definitely engineered for our street youth but enjoyable for all ages and backgrounds.

Check them out:

FoundNation » Universal



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