Were there any popes declared saints?

In The Papacy: Erik Mojica voted up this answer.

Yes, quite a few!

If you’re inclined to believe that St Peter was the first Pope, then you have him. He’s followed by 79 others, including (from relatively recent times):

  • Pope Pius X
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Pope John XXIII

A full list is here:

Numbers backed up by:
http://bit.ly/1jjVc1iom/data… (JPII and JXXIII were canonised since this story was published).

You’ll also find a list of Servants of God, Venerables and Beatified in the Wikipedia article, who are not yet fully canonised but are part way through the process.

See question on Quora

from Erik Mojica on Quora http://b.qr.ae/1jjVaqd


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