How might the Westboro Baptist Church answer this: If God is punishing America with dead soldiers and school shootings because it “enables” homosexuality, why did he allow tragedies and war in the past when American society was much more homophobic?

That sect's views are inconsistent with Christianity. This not based on a judgment of their intentions or heart, which is a no no but rather a judgment of their actions which allowed and necessary.

This group would have said that God was punishing everyone with every tragedy or unfortunate event that occurred.

They could just as easily hold signs reminding those with whom they disagree so vehemently with that "we believe that God does not approve of your actions but because we see Christ in every person, we still love you and pray for you daily."

Not as headline grabbing but it may do more to spread the gospel than anything else.

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from Answers by Erik Mojica on Quora


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