Do other religions besides Catholicism perform exorcisms? Are Muslims, Jewish or other non-catholic religions able to perform exorcisms?

As a Catholic I'll answer this way.

Other non-Catholic Christian traditions and non-Christian religions likely have som means or ritual to perform an exorcism or purification but none are efficacious. The reason is because the Catholic Church is the One True Church founded by Christ and given authority to teach, baptize, evangelize, exorcise, etc. by Christ who is God made flesh and so on.

It is only at the name of Jesus that demons tremble. So while there are smaller prayers, Psalms and Scripture that are considered deliverance prayers and can be said by laity, only a bishop (rightly ordained) within the Catholic Church (or even schismatic Eastern Orthodox – for their patriarchies of course) can authorize the Rite of Exorcism and perform and/or appoint a priest to carry it out.

A couple of good books on the matter are the Rite by Matt Bagglio (made into a decent film of the same name starring Anthony Hopkins) and those written by Fr. Gabriele Amorth.

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from Answers by Erik Mojica on Quora


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