How did the Bible come into being?

The Bible is a collection of divinely (Holy Spirit) inspired works written by various human authors in different periods of history, in different styles, for different audiences.
The Catholic Church, established by Jesus Christ around 33AD, began to define the Canon of both the New and Old Testaments around the 390s in order to combat heresies like the Gnostics, etc. Eventually, a former Agustinian priest by the name of Martain Luther decided he preferred his own theology, interpretation and doctrines and removed several books from the Old Testament and then added some key phrases to the New Testament (almost throwing out a couple of books there too) prompting the Catholic Church to formally and infallibly define and reaffirm the established Canon of Scripture.
The Catholic Canon has remained while the Protetsant canon eventually moved Luther's despised 7 books to the back of the Bible, calling it the Apocrypha, which eventually led to it being dropped altogether from the Protestant Bibles you see today.

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