Followers of the Abrahamic God (christians, Jews, Muslims), how do you reconcile the supposed omnibenevolent nature of god with the slavery, genocide, murder, and general hostile and jealous behavior of his actions?

God does not exhibit emotions and all that like humans. That is for humans. Who God is, is the author of life and if He chooses to take yours or mine then so be it; there's nothing we can do and we're likely better off anyway.
Humans are truly the root of genocide, murder and all that evil because those who commit these heinous acts are turning away from God. You see it in terrorism, abortion, robbery, slavery, famine, greed, etc. All of this is committed by humans but allowed by God because He gave us free will.
We must trust in His will and not ours because otherwise, how can we cope with the evil?

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from Answers by Erik Mojica on Quora


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