How many times is Mary mentioned in the Bible?

Quite a few, significant times. Let me list the times Mary, the Mother God (Jesus), is mentioned specifically and/or referenced in Sacred Scripture:
  1. Genesis 3:15 – complete enmity between woman and Satan
  2. Exodus 25 – Ark of the Old Covenant is a prefiguring of Mary who serves as the Ark of New Covenant
  3. Luke 1 – Gabriel visits Mary
  4. Luke 1 – Gabriel talks to Joseph about Mary
  5. Luke 1 – Mary visits Elizabeth
  6. Luke 2 – Mary finds Jesus at the Temple
  7. John 2 – Mary asks Jesus to perform His first miracle at Cana
  8. John 19 – Mary entrusted to John at the Cross
  9. Acts 1 – Mary at Pentecost
  10. Revelation 12 – Woman clothed in the sun, her Son rules the nations with an iron rod
This is all I can think of off the top of my head and it is certainly not a word or reference count.
Hope this helps.

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