What moves is Pope Francis making to navigate the Catholic Church’s liberal-conservative divide?

Quite honestly I don’t think Pope Francis is bridging the liberal/conservative divide within the Church. I believe he’s unintentionally widening it.

This widening may be a necessary for the Church to shed off some its cold or lukewarm members and remain a tighter and hotter burning beacon of light.

Anyway, there’s no liberal or conservative but rather heterodox and orthodox. The “liberal” approach to Catholic theology is often fraught with heterodoxy whereas the “conservative” approach draws its ideology from orthodoxy. The problem here is that one side sees in Pope Francis justification to stray from uncomfortable, yet infallible  Church teaching while the other side sees in the Pope a justification to stagnate rather than innovate.

Personally, I feel that the Church must remain orthodox and use the truth in charity as a means to innovate. This means we need to remember to be firm and defend our Church but not be afraid to approach people where they are. We must never accept nor condone what is morally wrong or evil and has been defined that way by the Church.

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from Answers by Erik Mojica on Quora http://bit.ly/1ThBfu6

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