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I was fortunate to discover this group while listening to the Catholic Rockers podcast, produced by SQPN. In any event, as has been my experience with most “praise” Catholic musicians they bring every experience the Lord has allowed them to the table in his honor and leave nothing to be desired. FoundNation is more than just a rap group. […]

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Five Steps to Better Parenting

The following is some good advice for parents: Make the most of our time together.  My son and I have been having great conversations on the way to lacrosse practice and when we throw the football in our front yard.  The important thing is to maximize every minute with our children as opportunities to share […]

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Finding Truth in Comics

You know, I am not quite sure what to make of this…                           via Covered: Brandon Michael Barker covers Amazing Fantasy 15. After checking out Mr. Barker’s site, there appears to be a very Christocentric theme with his stained-glass comic book hero pieces. […]

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